Insurrection EP

by Watch the Skyline Burn

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released December 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Watch the Skyline Burn Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Started early in 2012, Watch the Skyline Burn shows no stopping. Out of Milwaukee, WI, this band brings a unique sound, with hard hitting breakdowns.

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Track Name: Insurrection
We're transforming into those we once feared,
We're tearing at the flesh of the ones we once revered!
Following the noise by day and by night,
This catastrophe becomes us all...


Stay awake, keep watch you single soul,
There's no help for you, you're one of us now!
Welcome to the family, this ever growing plague.....

Take heed, lest you fall!
Take heed, lest you fall!

Fight on, they're almost gone,
Turning as many to our final cause, the infection will live on.
Like hell on earth, a darkness that rules the night!

Take heed, lest you fall!
Take heed, lest you fall!
Track Name: Dark Dimension
Don't forget me, I still exist, deep within this dark abyss.
I can feel it around me, this nocturnal cage, crawling to escape.

I scrape to the bone! (x2)

I have a black agenda, dark deeps to make complete,
Shade of black from screaming hard, no one to hear my cry.
I'm losing hope in myself, the incentive is wearing thin,
Treading on the aftermath, smoke is in the air.

This dark dimension is my dwelling place, it swells around like a phantom fog.
This deep sleep is my only escape, the nightmare makes me wake in fear,

Mourning in my solidarity, doesn't keep my life.
My darkest hour is now at end.

The clock is frozen on 59!

Forever trapped in the dark, all meaning has been lost.
Track Name: Thorn In My Side
The first taste of freedom, is when I broke your ice cold chains,
Your mouth spits lies, but your eyes speak the truth.

There's no telling what will happen next,
You brought this on yourself.

Thank you for the envy that you threw my way,
I was lost from my path, gone far astray.
Mind over matter, I am done with you,
It's about that time that I see this through.

You're sinking in a sea of regret,
Like a puppet on a string, I have no will of my own. (x2)

You said you wouldn't but you went right ahead,
You ripped my heart out...

Now regret this, bitch.

That sinking feeling as you fall to your demise.
Track Name: Jonah
You call my name, it rings in my head,
I run away, let's see the story unfold!

Like playing cat and mouse, you can run, but you can't hide,
Taking your chance in the water, smart move but so will I.

Closing your eyes, you've escaped,
Closing you eyes, now watch the hell I bring.

How dare you try and run from me.
It's sink or swim, they must know their sin.

Hurled into the deep, banished from your sight, the dark waters surround.
All worthless idols fall short, salvation comes from you. (x2)

Now see my work is done, this city turned around,
Shut your mouth and do what you're told.