by Watch the Skyline Burn

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released June 15, 2014



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Watch the Skyline Burn Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Started early in 2012, Watch the Skyline Burn shows no stopping. Out of Milwaukee, WI, this band brings a unique sound, with hard hitting breakdowns.

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Track Name: Convergence
I always knew that I couldn't be
The only one who yearned for something like this.
I always knew that I couldn't be
The only one who yearned for something.

So many different types of people brought together without this home away from home
So many memories never existing, so many things never falling into place;
This gave me hope that I can do what, do what I want in life.


No one forced anyone to do this, no one had to take the time. No one had to put in the effort to start something like this. Yet, so many people came together to make this a reality and for that I am forever grateful.

Just stop and think about all the things that would be different without this. Just stop and think about all the memories that would have never made a lasting imprint.

Can you see yourself without this? Stay no longer in the distance.
This is home.

Track Name: The Leper (ft Josh Olsen and Carl Martin of Level the City)
As your vile tongue spits accusations
You cast your vile wave, wave of judgement, based on one quick glance
Your views and opinions spread and infect the shallow and the weak.

As you infect one by one, I will abolish your disease.

And if you're the host for every single contagious parasite, then why am I the one who is cast out like a leper?
Look in the mirror, you're no saint, fuck.

You can try to infect the whole world, but you're just a virus, and I'm the fucking plague.
I will erase; All I have is hate.

Once you cross the line, you will see a side of me that you will find acrimonious
Every single word, every single stare, I become more and more apoplectic
Look me in the eyes, say it to my face, you ungrateful, spineless fucking coward
Sadly in the end, tables will be turned. They will cast you out, now you're the leper.

You are just a disease but I am the fucking plague,
I will erase everything, all I have is hate.
Track Name: Unfamiliar Reflection
I don't recognize this reflection that stares back at me,
It's completely different from what it used to be.
I can't say I'm happy with what I find,
Staring right back into my eyes.

But if I was never happy with the person I used to be familiar with,
Then my only hope is that one day I'll be content
With the person I find in the mirror.

This darkness comes in suddenly, feeding off me when I am weak,
The quiet whisper convincing me it's what I need to escape,
I'm so lost inside of my own head, this nightmare never seems to end.

Before you know it, all you will have are blurry memories of the person you used to be.
You will push away everyone that tried to reach out;
When lacking a persistent thought process, no opinion will remain.

I'm afraid of what's to come, I just pray that I'm not too far gone.
There will be a day when this all changes:
Complete and utter depletion of the most valuable resource.
Once we lose ourselves, we lose everything.
This unfamiliar reflection stares back at me into my eyes.
Track Name: Transfigure (ft Ryan Kirby of Fit For A King)
One can spend their whole life searching for that something,
That something to fill the void of unfulfillment

Blindly following the majority, they will overtake your identity
I cannot believe this is what you want -- life with no meaning, clutching onto greed.
Taking your own path, "Turn around." they said.
Many will submit, will you be faceless?

So many will put you down according to their belief and concept of who you should be,
I promise that won't be me
This is a personal sacrifice.

I see through your bullshit! Now witness unbounded execution.

Our minds have been washed and contorted to this simplistic form of thinking,
Take your own perspective and observe everything.

Stop looking at life through the rose-colored lenses
We are meant for so much more.
If you never fully understand how corrupt everything is
You will rot with the rest of the world.

We can't let time pass us by,
sometimes i come down from the darkness and save my soul.
The lines that were meant to hold us back,
just lead me closer to you.

Do not expect acceptance or encouragement
If you follow your path and it leads to unfamiliar places
Just make sure they know
That no influence that surrounds you will make you follow pre-made footsteps on a recommended path.

Open your mind and express humanity.